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My name is Rivka Begun. 

My passion for the image begins with my grandfather, Pop.


Fred, or Pop, was a well respected pioneer in the Miami film industry.


 When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he moved to Atlanta to be close to my family and to teach me all he knew about film.


Pop passed down lessons more important than composition and color. He gave me a strong work ethic and an understanding and appreciation for the special gift I had inherited for capturing moments or things that others may not see.


Since his passing, I have worked at the oldest film production house in Lima, Peru, making commercials and working with award winning directors. I have been sent to Israel and Spain to produce tourism projects. I have produced films for non-profits, government organizations, commercials and more. 

 I have worked on various projects from fashion photography, to jewelry, portraits, travel photos to plumbing supplies and political campaigns.   


I currently reside in Zurich, Switzerland but am available to travel.


I continue to capture images with a little piece of Pop always inside me.


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